[ECOS] BSD socket read() calls blocking indefinately

psheer@icon.co.za psheer@icon.co.za
Fri Dec 7 03:23:00 GMT 2001

> > However TCP read() and accept() operations block
> > indefinately even though the Ethernet driver seems
> > to be recieving the packet, and TCP write() calls
> > work perfectly.
> Do you have the endianness of the port number correct?

My test program connects to port 80 of a Linux machine,
sends a GET request, and then reads the reply. The GET
request gets there, the reply is sent, the reply is
visible with tcpdump. The reply is read by the driver
(I verified this by inserting a scan loop for
"H", "T", "T", "P" at the lowest level of the driver.)

However where the packet goes thereafter I have no clue
and it seems quite difficult to go debugging the TCP

My read() waits forever.

Can I ask where do a track the packet from here on?

If I can get this working, the port of eCos to this new
board would be almost complete.


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