[ECOS] eCos debugging using GDB over Ethernet

Geoff Patch grp@cea.com.au
Wed Dec 5 16:00:00 GMT 2001

Hi Guys,

> These changes (and a number of others in the hal/common and io/eth
> directories) are already in anonCVS.  It was on the top of Andrew's mind
> since he is working on this problem from a static [released] source tree
> that we've provided to his company.
> > Thanks Andrew!  If you ever make it down to Australia, drop by and I'll 
> > you a beer. :-)
> Hey, what about me?  I did all the _real_ work :-)

If *any* of the eCos team ever come to Australia, the beers are on me. :-) 
You've saved us tens of thousands of dollars in software development 
licences, runtime royalties etc so a few lagers at the local would be in 
order.  In fact, I'm hoping to get the company management to funnel a few 
shekels back towards Redhat to assist with keeping the whole thing 
moving...but that's another story :-)

Anyway, hats off to you.

Happy Hacking


Geoff Patch
Senior Software Engineer
CEA Technologies
Canberra Australia
02-6213 0141

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