[ECOS] eCos debugging using GDB over Ethernet

Geoff Patch grp@cea.com.au
Wed Dec 5 14:38:00 GMT 2001

Hi All,

I posted a request to the list a few days ago asking for ideas about 
improving our LAN gdb debugging reliability.

Andrew Lunn suggested I incorporate the following changes:

> 2001-08-14  Gary Thomas  <gthomas@redhat.com>
>         * src/stand_alone/eth_drv.c (eth_drv_write):
>         (eth_drv_tx_done):
>         (eth_drv_read): Better handling of stacking (layering) of 
>         RedBoot (stand alone code) is designed to call into the eCos
>         stack and these changes make sure that this is done properly
>         nested/stacked.  These changes also affect the behaviour 
>         for CR 902745-CR.
>         * src/net/eth_drv.c (eth_drv_send): Add locking of driver while
>         actual hardware routines are involved.  Since the same driver
>         can be shared by both eCos and RedBoot, it is imperative that
>         additional locking (in the form of locking the scheduler) be
>         employed during this window to make sure that the hardware is
>         handled in complete, consistent steps.  This helps with known
>         bug CR 902745-CR.

I've done this, and it appears to have improved the situation. We haven't 
tested it thoroughly, so there may still be problems, but we're definitely 
a lot better off than we were.  If anybody else is having similar problems 
I'd recommend applying these changes.

Thanks Andrew!  If you ever make it down to Australia, drop by and I'll buy 
you a beer. :-)



Geoff Patch
Senior Software Engineer
CEA Technologies
Canberra Australia
02-6213 0141

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