[ECOS] Question about R3000 GNU Toolchain

Tim Michals Tim.Michals@Cygnetinc.com
Tue Dec 4 05:56:00 GMT 2001

Just recently ported eCOS to the IDT79RC32334.  Used the arm build
instructions.  But, used mips-elf as the build option.  Also, you may want
to change mipsops.c to support cache instruction.

Which MIPS are you supporting?


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Hello friends:
 I am going to port eCos to a MIPS R3000 based board.
 I find  messages you post on the maillist of ecos.
 At same time,I meet some problem.
 1. Does the toolchain for tx39 fit for R3000?
 2. How I download the program and debug them while my
 development board is not same to tx39 ?

   Tank you!
               Best regards

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