[ECOS] Question about R3000 GNU Toolchain

Jurica Baricevic jura@INTESIS.hr
Tue Dec 4 03:10:00 GMT 2001

Bergs wrote (Tuesday, December 04, 2001 10:50):
> Hello friends:
>  I am going to port eCos to a MIPS R3000 based board.
>  I find  messages you post on the maillist of ecos.
>  At same time,I meet some problem.
>  1. Does the toolchain for tx39 fit for R3000?

IMHO, it is better to build the tool-chain for your specific architecture.
It requires some additional effort (potential configuring/building
problems), but at the end you will get exactly what your processor needs.

>  2. How I download the program and debug them while my
>  development board is not same to tx39 ?

Generally, R3000 is not supported by eCos (as far as I know). So you should
write adequate code for supporting your MIPS processor (I believe that there
is some porting guide in eCos documentation). In addition, be careful with
MIPS common sources because some of them might not work on your R3000
processor. Specifically, search for some missing 'load delay slots' (please,
read a few mails from archive regarding this issue).

I guess that you have some proprietary MIPS board. In this case, you will
have to write some code to support your board too...

Finally, for application debugging you may want to port RedBoot to your
board/architecture too.


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