[ECOS] newer version of Windows configuration tool

Gokhan Tanyeri gokhan@clarinox.com
Mon Dec 3 18:12:00 GMT 2001

At 01:34 PM 11/27/01 +1100, Gokhan Tanyeri wrote:
 >A simple workaround for this one is to replace //C with /C in your
 >"makefile"s (around 10-15 of them!!). works fine ;) The trouble is
 >you try to build something you need to go through this global search and

The new ecosconfig and configtools really should generate working
filenames -- prefixed by /ecos-x, where x is a DOS drive letter -- so if you
uploaded the new tools and are still having the problem, you maybe forgot to
go 'ecosconfig tree' again.

The updated MFC configtool.exe and command-line ecosconfig.exe binaries are


The latest Configtool 2 distribution for Windows is here:

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->>From an older discussion of 26-Oct-2001 Julian Smart wrote:
->>>>That depends on what Cygwin you have installed (CT 1 doesn't cope
->with the
->path conventions of newer versions of Cygwin), but I have zipped up a
->modified CT 1 (and ecosconfig.exe) which will make their way to the ftp
->site very shortly.<<<
->I have the new Cygwin installed, and am having problems with the
->configuration tool, "eCos Configuration Tool, 1.3.net, Oct 10 2001
->Is there still a problem with the configuration tool (old-style path
->generated), or do I need to update something in addition to replacing
->the old configuration tool with the new? Any help appreciated. Error log
->Thank you.
->make[1]: Leaving directory
->headers finished
->make -r -C hal/arm/arch/v1_3_1 arm.inc
->make[1]: Entering directory
->defs.c: No such host or network path
->make[1]: *** No rule to make target
->.c', needed by `arm.inc'.  Stop.

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