[ECOS] a problem with thread

shobhan shobana@in.ceeyes.com
Sun Dec 2 23:14:00 GMT 2001

Hi All
 I am newbie into eCos world.   I am using ARM7TDMI  board as my target,
using cygwin as my host.  My application crashes with the message, "Threads
waiting and Queue not empty".  This kind of crash occurs when i
include a thread ( which continuously waits on a message queue for the
incoming packets, and the incoming packet flow is very very high ).  The
thread priority is  High ( 4 ).

Could somebody help me out with this problem.

Thanks in advance

Shobhan Kumar Ayyadevara
Technical Group Leader ( Embedded Systems )
Ceeyes Software Technologies Pvt Ltd
Besides Govt MINT
Hyderabad - 500 051
Tel +91 +40 726 1093 / 94
Fax: +91 -40 -7261097

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