[ECOS] setting up RAM on AEB

Ormund Williams ormundw@brainlink.com
Tue Oct 31 21:46:00 GMT 2000

Andreas.Karlsson@combitechsystems.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I have extended my AEB board to use more memory. It took I while to figure
> out that whatever I set the values to in hal_platform_setup.h they will do
> nothing, even if I comment the lines away nothing will happen.
> I'm changing in the sources and doing make clean, compiling and then linking
> with the new install-files.
> To avoid collision with the AEB_BAD region I have to override its values in
> BANK3 and define my new memory in this BANK to be able to test the memory.
> My question is where, in which file, does eCos specify the size and location
> of SRAM?
> When expanding the memory I have to set which 'chip enable' pins the new
> memory bank should use, I just can't find out where eCos specify this for
> memory-BANK2 which is used by eCos, I have seen in memory that eCos sets
> this to 0x900C, but where?
> Thanks
> Andreas

Hi Andreas

I have just finished building a board I designed that uses the LH77790
and porting eCos, it works so don't be discouraged.

I started with the AEB port, first modifying it to run stand-alone (Do
you have an EPROM programmer so that you can erase the Flash chip and
burn your own gdb-stub?) the following are the steps I took:

1. Added new ARM package and target to

2. Copy AEB directory tree and change all occurrences of aeb to new
target name. (in my case awt60)

3. Edit
- mostly removing "rev B/C" stuff and changing cdl_option

4. Mostly name changes to the files in

5. Here is how I rewrote hal_platform_setup.h:

// Override default to a more sensible value

// AWT60 has 2MB DRAM, 2/4MB of Flash ROM, 8KB battery backed SRAM+Clock
// and 4KB on-chip SRAM.  The cache is broken(LH77790A).
// Move Flash-1 to 0x04000000 segment-1, CE0
// Move Flash-2 to 0x04020000 segment-2, CE1
// Move BBRAM+C to 0x05000000 segment-3, CE4
// On-chip SRAM at 0x60000000 default segment, Cache in SRAM mode at
// Place DRAM at 0x00000000 segment-6, CE2-3
PLATFORM_SETUP1                                                       \
r1,bcr1                                                      ;\
r2,bcr1+4                                                    ;\
r2,[r1]                                                      ;\
r1,sdr1                                                      ;\
r2,sdr1+4                                                    ;\
r2,[r1]                                                      ;\
r1,stop1                                                     ;\
r2,stop1+4                                                   ;\
r2,[r1]                                                      ;\
r1,start1                                                    ;\
r2,start1+4                                                  ;\
r2,[r1]                                                      ;\
        ldr     pc,=NewROM      /* Set the Program Counter to New
address */ ;\
        mov     r0,r1           /* Nop
*/                                    ;\
        mov     r0,r1           /* Nop
*/                                    ;\
NewROM: ldr    
r0,=SRStart                                                  ;\
SRLoop: ldr    
r1,[r0],#4                                                   ;\
r2,[r0],#4                                                   ;\
	str     r2,[r1]                                                      ;\
        cmp	r1,#0                                                       
	bne	SRLoop                                                       ;\
SetupEnd                                                     ;\
bcr1: 	.long 0xFFFFA104,0x00001003 /* Flash1,8bit,2wait-state,CE0
*/        ;\
sdr1:   .long 0xFFFFA044,0x00007802 /* S-r/w U-r/w Noncacheable
*/           ;\
start1: .long
0xFFFFA004,0x04000000                                          ;\
stop1:  .long
0xFFFFA024,0x04200000                                          ;\
bcr2: 	.long 0xFFFFA108,0x0000100C /* Flash2,8bit,3wait-state,CE1
*/        ;\
sdr2:   .long 0xFFFFA048,0x00007804 /* S-r/w U-r/w Noncacheable
*/           ;\
start2: .long
0xFFFFA008,0x04200000                                          ;\
stop2:  .long
0xFFFFA028,0x04400000                                          ;\
bcr3: 	.long 0xFFFFA10C,0x00001300 /* BBRAM+Ck,8bit,1 wait-state,CE4
*/     ;\
sdr3:   .long 0xFFFFA04C,0x00007808 /* S-r/w U-r/w Noncacheable
*/           ;\
start3: .long
0xFFFFA00C,0x03000000                                          ;\
stop3:  .long
0xFFFFA02C,0x03002000                                          ;\
bcr4: 	.long 0xFFFFA110,0x00000000 /* Bad address
*/                        ;\
sdr4:   .long 0xFFFFA050,0x00007808 /* No access
*/                          ;\
start4: .long
0xFFFFA010,0x00200000                                          ;\
stop4:  .long
0xFFFFA030,0x03000000                                          ;\
bcr6a:  .long 0xFFFFA118,0x00009090 /* DRAM 16bit FCAS 1.5 CE2-3
*/          ;\
bcr6b:  .long 0xFFFFA120,0x00000033 /* BCAS 1.5,Refresh,1K page,Page
mode */ ;\
sdr6:   .long 0xFFFFA058,0x00007840 /* S-r/w U-r/w Noncacheable
*/           ;\
start6: .long
0xFFFFA018,0x00000000                                          ;\
stop6:  .long
0xFFFFA038,0x00200000                                          ;\
drr:    .long 0xFFFFA128,0x00000730 /* DRAM Refresh 1840
*/                  ;\
sdr8:   .long 0xFFFFA060,0x00007801 /* On-Chip:RAM,Config Reg,I/O
*/         ;\
ccr:    .long 0xFFFFA400,0x00000002 /* Cache in SRAM mode
*/                 ;\
lscr:   .long 0xFFFFA404,0x00000003 /* On-Chip SRAM at 0x60000000
*/         ;\
ppctlr: .long 0xFFFF1C0C,0x00000082 /* Port A and C output, B input
*/       ;\
SREnd:  .long
0x00000000                                                     ;\
4                                                            ;\


6. This is the contents of mlt_arm_awt60_rom.h:

#include <cyg/infra/cyg_type.h>
#include <stddef.h>

#define CYGMEM_REGION_ram (0x00000000)
#define CYGMEM_REGION_ram_SIZE (0x00200000)
#define CYGMEM_REGION_rom (0x04000000)
#define CYGMEM_REGION_rom_SIZE (0x00200000) 
extern char CYG_LABEL_NAME (_reserved_vectors) [];
#define CYGMEM_SECTION_reserved_vectors (CYG_LABEL_NAME
#define CYGMEM_SECTION_reserved_vectors_SIZE (0x1000)
extern char CYG_LABEL_NAME (_reserved_not_mapped) [];
#define CYGMEM_SECTION_reserved_not_mapped (CYG_LABEL_NAME
#define CYGMEM_SECTION_reserved_not_mapped_SIZE (0x7000)

If you want to build a stand-alone gdb-stub for your modified AEB I can
send you the other files I have.  

One other thing, a warning; the AEB has a poor reset circuit and even if
the processor seems to be executing properly, some of the on board
peripherals; DRAM controller, UARTs; will not function correctly.  This
wasted a lot of my time, looking for nonexistent errors in my setup
code.  A work-around for that, when ever you reset or power up the AEB,
connect with gdb send a "kill" signal and then reconnect then you can
"load" and debug your code.


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