[ECOS] RE: RE: porting to Atmel-AT91, stub memory-layout, .bss does

Andreas Bürgel ab@genologic.de
Mon Oct 30 06:20:00 GMT 2000

> The two largest contributors here seem to be the startup stack (4K)
> and the GDB remote communication buffers (4K).  Even if you could 
> totally eliminate them, which you can't, you'd barely be under 
> your 8K total.

> But then what?  What do you expect to do with a system that has
> no other memory?

The system has 2MB of RAM additionally, but between the RAM and the CPU
there's a FPGA used as DRAM-Controller ( Refresh ...). This means that
the stub-platform-init-code has to initialize the FPGA before this
memory is usable. The init-code has also to call the remap
command-sequence of the AT91, which maps the on-chip-SRAM to 0x00000000
and the boot-flash to some other start address.

Andreas Bürgel   Software Engineer
ab@genologic.de  GenoLogic GmbH, Dortmund, Germany

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