[ECOS] Test Serial Port 2 on NEC vrc4373 target.

Jesper Skov jskov@redhat.com
Tue Oct 24 23:48:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Ling" == Ling Su <lingsu@palmmicro.com> writes:

Ling> I have ever tried the serial port test cases in eCos with
Ling> "ser_filter" = for serial port 1. I think I might be able to run
Ling> the test cases on = serial port 2, so I did following things and
Ling> try to run one of the test = cases,=20

Ling> <1>. I modified the ser_test_protocol.inl, change the
Ling> "TEST_SER_DEV" = from
Ling> "CYDAT_IO_SERIAL_MIPS_VRC4373_SERIAL1_NAME". Supposely the test
Ling> case = will use "/dev/ser1" instead of "/dev/ser0".

I assume you also enabled the serial drivers.

Ling> <2>. On PC side, I run following command in seperate console,
Ling> ser_filter -t 9001 /dev/ttyS0 38400=20 ser_filter -t 9000
Ling> /dev/ttyS1 38400 Thus two program will monitor both of the two
Ling> ports.

Starting ser_filter doesn't connect it to the serial line. That
happens as part of the GDB target connect. In order to run the filter
on its own, you need to use the -n option (no GDB, forcing the filter
to connect to the port immediately).

And you only want to run one filter (on the port connected to VRC4373


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