[ECOS] would you please help me?

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.com
Mon Oct 23 10:55:00 GMT 2000

aidj wrote:
> I want to develop on Motorola's POWERPC platform,
> and prefer the MPC823 processor.First I want to use
> the evaluation board of CMA287-23 from Cogent Computer
> Systems Inc,But in fact I can't get it,Then I turn to
> MPC823FADS. Can I have another choices to develop using
>  MPC823 until now?

The closest eCos supports is the Motorola MBX860 or MBX821 boards. I
understand the MPC821 is similar to the 823, but I'm not sure exactly how

> Then  I want to know  if I use MPC823FADS ,how can I
> construct my developing system?Now the debugger and emulator
> are based on the commercial Embeded RTOS,such as the product
> of Embeded Support Tools Cor.,SingleStep,AMC'products, which
>  the most not support eCos plainly.How can I selcet the
> debugger or emulator? If I can only use GDB,how to realize the
> hardware interconnect between the host and MPC823FADS? Is there
> any products ready on market?

eCos does not support debugging other than by GDB, so you are on your own.
You can talk to the board using serial, or over the network for boards
with  PowerQUICC ethernet. From what I can tell, neither the MPC821 nor 823
have PowerQUICC?

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