[ECOS] would you please help me?

aidj djai#mail.davform.com@ns1.csrd.org
Sun Oct 22 19:56:00 GMT 2000

hello ecos-discuss:

I'm a freshman in the field of eCos.I want to learn
some foundation about to study eCos. 

I want to develop on Motorola's POWERPC platform,
and prefer the MPC823 processor.First I want to use
the evaluation board of CMA287-23 from Cogent Computer 
Systems Inc,But in fact I can't get it,Then I turn to 
MPC823FADS. Can I have another choices to develop using
 MPC823 until now?
Then  I want to know  if I use MPC823FADS ,how can I 
construct my developing system?Now the debugger and emulator
are based on the commercial Embeded RTOS,such as the product 
of Embeded Support Tools Cor.,SingleStep,AMC'products, which
 the most not support eCos plainly.How can I selcet the 
debugger or emulator? If I can only use GDB,how to realize the 
hardware interconnect between the host and MPC823FADS? Is there 
any products ready on market?


Best regards!


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