[ECOS] Breakpoint problem

Jesper Skov jskov@redhat.com
Thu Oct 19 05:50:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Karlsson <Andreas.Karlsson@combitechsystems.com> writes:

Andreas> Hi, When I set breakpoints in my code the gdb crashes with a
Andreas> 'Program received signal SIGTRAP, Trace/breakpoint trap'.

This happens if the target hits a breakpoint at an address where GDB
didn't put one. And I'm sure you mean that the target crashes with
that output, not GDB. Right?

What is the address? By any chance, is that the address you first see
when connecting to the target? If so, the target was reset, which
obviously confuses GDB.

Andreas> It is possible to set breakpoints early in the code.

Yes. No. Maybe. Hard to say without more information.


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