[ECOS] Installing the eCos monitor boot floppy

Leandro Vieira leandro@av.it.pt
Thu Oct 19 04:19:00 GMT 2000


I'm trying to Installing the eCos Monitor Boot Floppy without success.
what i do is this:

$mount -f a:/ /dev/fd0
$ mkdir ecos-work-floppy
$ cd ecos-work-floppy
$ ecosconfig new pc stubs
$ ecosconfig tree
$ make
$ dd conv=sync if=install/bin/gdb_module.bin of=/dev/fd0

after i got thias error message:
  dd: /a: permission denied

Somebady can help me to solve this problem?

					*       Portugal Telecom                     *
					*       Instituto de Telecomunicações        *
					*       Aveiro  / Portugal                   *
					*       leandro@av.it.pt                     *

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