[ECOS] EPI's ICE + gcc

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@redhat.com
Wed Oct 18 09:37:00 GMT 2000

Xavier Wang wrote:
> The default debug option (-g) of mips-tx39-elf-gcc seems to produce DWARF2
> format, and doesn't support -gdwarf or -gdwarf-1 option. So how should I
> config
> the link script and the compiler options to produce an executable with
> either
> Mdebug or Stabs debug format in it?

If your linker script already contains bits for .stab*, .debug, .line and
.mdebug then there's nothing more you can do there.

If -gstabs isn't actually producing valid stabs output, then perhaps try
going to your gcc sources and editing gcc/config/mips/r3900.h to change:




To try dwarf-1, change the above to DWARF_DEBUGGING_INFO/DWARF_DEBUG.

Obviously you need to rebuild gcc completely (use a clean build tree) after

You could try fiddling with SUBTARGET_ASM_DEBUGGING_SPEC in r3900.h as well
if the above doesn't work.

In my mind your more likely to get stabs working than any other debugging

If the toolchain is still not able to produce valid stabs output, then I
suggest asking on gcc@gcc.gnu.org for help (see http://gcc.gnu.org/ ).

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