[ECOS] Motorola MTX604 Support?

Bernd Carsten Sander sander@uni-bremen.de
Tue Oct 17 09:32:00 GMT 2000


we are trying to build a sensorsimulation and want to use a PPC604e in a
Motorola 19" rackmount system. 
Is this possible (yes, I know... it's opensource => it's possible ;-) ).
I had already success in installing eCos on my LinuxBox, building all
the tools (powerpc-eabi-*) and testing some of our programs in the
simulator target. Everything is working as expected. But since I'm quite
new to embedded programming, I don't know how run my test on my target.
Is this target generally supported (including PCI-register access)
[on the webpage: MPC603 | PSIM architectural simulator | Supplied with
the eCos development tools] 
In other words: Is it possible to run the programs, I tested on my
simulator, on the Motorola hardware?

T i a 

Bernd Carsten Sander

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