[ECOS] Redboot, TFTP and GDB...

Fabrice Gautier Fabrice_Gautier@sdesigns.com
Fri Oct 13 17:33:00 GMT 2000


So now I can boot redboot from a floppy on my target, I can connect via the
serial port and telnet.
But I can't download via TFTP. I always get: 

RedBoot> load -v hello.srec
Error reading header via TFTP: operation timed out

I tried with two different tftp servers (for winNT): tftpd32 and solarwind's
TFTP server.
Sometimes (when using solrwind's tfpt server) the download begin but then
redboot hang.

I tried to download with gdb using remote/tcp and it would download but as
slow as 7kb/s. (that's slower than serial ....)

Any clues ?


Fabrice Gautier

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