[ECOS] How to include completed serial port support in default template for vrc4373 platform.

Ling Su lingsu@palmmicro.com
Thu Oct 12 12:16:00 GMT 2000

When we use ecos-1.3.1, the serial tests cases is default included. Right 
now I am using the CVS version, I want to use the serial port 2 on the board to 
communicate with PC. Unfortunately even I use the "all" template, there is no 
test cases for serial port generated in install/io/serial directory. I copy the 
tests source to a seprate directory and complied them, when I run one test, it 
complains "NOTAPPLICABLE". 
I wonder how to include serial port 2 support in default template, since I 
check the template file and seems to me it is there.
Thanks for any suggestions!

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