[ECOS] 8260 porting.

Suresh N nsuresh@cdotb.ernet.in
Tue Oct 10 06:47:00 GMT 2000

hi everyone,
	We are trying to port eCos on MPC 8260 processor on ADS board.
	I have got some doubts about the process. Any hints about this
will be  helpful.

	a) We have got a debugger working with the ADS board . So we don't
have to implement the ecos stub for the board... is that right?

	b) The debugger would have already initialised the hardware.. so
is hal_hardware_init is required?

	c) What about RAM startup and ROM startup ?

	d) Is there any porting under progress?

	thanx in advance..

		            Research Engineer,
		  Centre For Development of Telematics,
		       	   71/1,Sneha Complex,

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