[ECOS] looking for eCos Training program...

Bart Veer bartv@redhat.com
Sun Oct 8 09:54:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Fano" == Fano Ramparany <Fano.Ramparany@rd.francetelecom.fr> writes:

    Fano> In order to speed up our learning period as application
    Fano> developpers. We are looking for a company providing training
    Fano> and technical support on using eCos. We are based in France.

    Fano> The specific topics we would like the training to cover include:
    Fano> - Installing, configuring and building eCos
    Fano> - Developping eCos applications
    Fano> - Debugging eCos applications
    Fano> - Porting eCos to a new (custom) board
    Fano> - Developing drivers

    Fano> Any recommendation is welcome.
    Fano> Thank you in advance for your help

Red Hat can provide training in a number of areas, including embedded
systems. These training courses can be customized to specific needs,
and we have given eCos-specific training courses in the past. Since
you are based in France I'll take the liberty of forwarding your
request to training-eu@redhat.com

More details on Red Hat training generally can be found at
http://www.redhat.com/training/ although obviously that page has an
emphasis on programs like RHCE certification.

Bart Veer // eCos net maintainer

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