[ECOS] regarding EP7211

danish iftikhar d_iftikhar@hotmail.com
Wed Oct 4 12:28:00 GMT 2000

     I have build eCos for EP7211 Cirrus Logic Board .
i build the gdb stubs and downloaded them to the target as specified .
According to documentation it uses UART 1 (of Cirrus board) as GDB serial 
port . i initially tried with the default configuration , by keeping both 
GDB serial port and Diagnostic port options in ecos.ecc as 0 , ie UART 1 and 
i was able to download and run prebuilt as well  as examples programs 
properly .
But , i want to use the UART 2 port of Cirrus logic for GDB serial comm. , 
for that i tried by making GDB serial port & diagnostic options as 1 (for 
UART 2) but it did'nt worked . none of the prebuilt tests are working . Do i 
have to enable some other options for that .
i am using HAL_START_UP as RAM in kernel ecos.ecc , i think it is perfectly 
fine .


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