[ECOS] ecos port to ATMEL M40400 ?=|:)

timie@students.cc.tut.fi timie@students.cc.tut.fi
Wed Mar 8 13:18:00 GMT 2000

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we have already started a port to this controller. We are using our own =
development boards with USB and CAN on it. These boards wouldn't be =
available to the public but we are also planning to develop a second =
board with a different hardware configuration but also with USB and CAN =
on it which will be available to the public in Q3 this year.
We don't want to customize the AT91EB01. If we are succesfull with our =
port than we will contribute it to the community and maintain it.

Siegfried Schaefer
German Instruments Electronic GmbH /
Schaefer EDV-Dienstleistungen

  \dots \diamond $\Leftarrow$ \hfill\break

Hello again,

I got very curious;

\diamond  What CAN controller are You using? -- Isn't it mostly used by
          automobile industry?

\diamond  That USB port sounds like a fast port to me, it was invented by
          consortium led by IBM?

\closing {
  Greetings from Finland,
  mr Timo Ojala, student


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