[ECOS] eCos on MPC850SAR board..

Tim Michals tim@cygnetinc.com
Wed Mar 8 11:48:00 GMT 2000

I had the same problem and just disabled cache and TLB.

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> On Wed, 8 Mar 2000 17:32:05 +0500 (GMT+0500), Prince John wrote:
> > we are trying to port eCos(along with "Hello eCos World" application) on
> > MPC850SAR FADS board. But it gives " Instruction TLB miss " Exception
> > after hal_MMU_init(). Can someone advice us how to solve this?
> I've got a similar problem with the MPC823FADS. I haven't yet
> completely resolved it, but I've gotten further.
> First, you should use the latest CVS sources, not the 1.2.1 release, as
> there's been some work in the MMU area.
> Second, you'll need to define the MPC8xx and MPC850 CPU types (look at
> the powerpc/arch sources) to select the right MMU default tables. (Not
> doing this results in empty tables, making a TLB miss unavoidable.)
> Check the mailing list archives since March 1 (subject line "Where to
> define CYG_HAL_POWERPC_MPC823?") for more info.
> I'll be interested to hear how you make out.
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