[ECOS] Linux and Ecos

Paul Beskeen paulb@redhat.com
Fri Jan 28 08:07:00 GMT 2000

> >> Since Cygnus was bought Redhat, will eCOS exist?  Will all
> >> efforts be towards embedded Linux?
> >
> > I hope not.  eCos and embedded Linux have almost nothing in
> > common other than they're both open-source operating systems.
> >
> > Embedded Linux and and eCos do not compete with each other.
> Actually we expect both to continue to exist, and hopefully, thrive.
> eCos and Embedded Linux do have different aims, and are targetted
> at opposite ends of the embedded "spectrum."  Our goal is for a
> unified approach, being driven by the [currently named] EL/IX effort.
> EL/IX is a design API for embedded systems, which attempts to handle
> the entire spectrum.  The basic API is designed to be OS neutral,
> with the underlying OS (be it Linux or eCos or whatever) providing
> the support for the API.  The API is layered in such a way that
> applications can target to it and be protected from the details of
> the OS that implements it.
> We [Red Hat] intend to support eCos (with an EL/IX compatability layer)
> as well as Linux in this world.
> For more details, see the EL/IX project page:
>   http://sourceware.cygnus.com/elix/
> Or, better yet, come by and see EL/IX in action at the Linux World Expo,
> Feb 2-4, in New York City.

People will find this interview with Red Hat CTO Michael Tiemann of interest
on this subject.



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