[ECOS] ecos toolchain

Roman RomanJordan@gmx.de
Fri Jan 28 07:41:00 GMT 2000

Thanks for your reply.
I built an 'arm-elf-' toolchain, based of binutils 2.0.19a and egcs
1.1.2. If i want to build the ecos system, the i got the same errors
like my 'arm-linux' toolchain. There were errors by using the compiler
If i disabled this options in the file 'pkgconf.mak', the compile
process runs (only with some warnings), but the 'make tests' fails at
several points (so for instance by the linker option 'KEEP' which also
occurs by configure the i386 target using binutils 2.0.23). Which
binutils version do i need?

At next i wanted to try out the prebuild i386 system by using the
debugger gdb. It tells me, that this file is not an executible.
Now my qustions?
1. Have i to use the ecos compilers, or it is possible to generate my
own one?
2. Is it possible for me to build and check a i386 ecos system? And if,
please let me know how?
3. I hearded about a cd rom, which contains all necessary toolchains for
building ecos. I think for 20 USD or something in this direction. Is
this right?
4. A general question about ecos. It is possible to load applications
after ecos has started? Or must i compile my application together with
the ecos system?
5. Do i really need a special toolchain for use with eCos?

Thanks in advance,
Roman Jordan

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