[ECOS] on ARM: Using the FIQ vector

Dan Hovang dan.hovang@cpen.com
Fri Jan 28 05:48:00 GMT 2000


I'm using the FIQ vector to process data which arrives at a very high
rate. My problem is that I'm unable to control the enable/disable FIQ
bit of the cpsr. At first, I figured it was just to exclude the FIQ
bit from the HAL_* macros but after some poking around I found that
the FIQ bit has a per-thread value which is set every time a new thread
is created (CPSR_THREAD_INITIAL in arm/arch/v1_2_1/src/hal_arch.h).

The only workaround I see would be to exclude the FIQ bit from
load_context in context.S aswell as from all relevant HAL_* macros.
It feels like kind of a 'hack' tough. Is there some code design with
the intention to solve this which I missed out?


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