[ECOS] Serial Port Opening Problem

Anamika Gupta anamikargupta@yahoo.com
Fri Jan 28 02:14:00 GMT 2000

--- Jesper Skov <jskov@redhat.com> wrote:
> >>>>> "Anamika" == Anamika Gupta
> <anamikargupta@yahoo.com> writes:
> Anamika> Thanx Jesper Anyone having information
> about serial port
> Anamika> drivers in Synthetic target, Please mail to
> me.
> That's not what I suggested :)
> See http://sourceware.cygnus.com/ml/ecos-discuss/
> Search for 'synthetic'.
> Jesper

Jesper I don't mean what u understand :-) I searched
the ecos discuss archive and got the information.
Actually I wanted to know if anyone has any other
information and I got the response also from Mansoor.


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