[ECOS] Re: gcc/gdb for mpc860

Kenneth Porter kenneth_porter@kensingtonlabs.com
Thu Jan 27 21:10:00 GMT 2000

On Thu, 27 Jan 2000 20:09:39 -0800, Fred Fierling wrote:

> Sorry can't help you.  You're doing better than I.  I can't even get the
> ADI control panel to show up in settings/control panel under NT4/SP5. Did
> you have any trouble?

I did get that far. I think the system I'm using is at SP4.

You need to put the files from the MPC8BUG drivers subdirectory into
the places designated by the readme file. One (.sys) is the actual
driver and one (.cpl) is the Control Panel DLL. There's also a registry
file (.reg) that you run from the command line as if it were an
executable to patch the registry and inform the OS of the other two

Use WinMSD to check for any I/O port conflicts,  then jumper as
appropriate and install the ADI board. Following a reboot, you should
have the ADI object. Select the matching address in the first (zero)
entry and enable it. Set the address switches on the FADS board to
zero, and you should be able to start up MPC8BUG with "mpc8bug 0 0". It
will auto-detect the CPU type and run the appropriate TCL scripts.

Once you get that far, run the "diag" command and within diag mode, run
the "st" (self test) command. This checks the ADI and FADS board and
runs several memory tests on the SIMMs. My system is completing this
successfully, and is able to run the Mot mmu_lite sample up to a memory
test failure routine.

There's a couple of issues relevant to eCos here:

MPC8BUG uses Cygwin b19, not b20. The b19 DLL shipped by Motorola
crashed for me, so I downloaded b19.1 from the Cygnus Cygwin
directories and that cured that

Also, the TCL DLL shipped with MPC8BUG doesn't match that of the one in
Cygwin b20, but has the same name. I don't know if that's going to
cause problems, because AFAIK only one DLL with a given name can be
loaded at a time in Win32. (That was the rule with OS/2, and I assume
NT inherited it. It's a performance optimization so that the kernel
only has to do an 8.3 compare in the loaded DLL list, and doesn't have
to compare the full path.) The first one loaded gets priority, so if
one runs both MPC8BUG and a Cygwinb20 TCL client simultaneously, one
app is going to get the "wrong" DLL.

Kenneth Porter
Kensington Laboratories, Inc.

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