[ECOS] Re: hello world in AEB

k e ndgipper@yahoo.com
Thu Jan 27 09:51:00 GMT 2000

--- Carles Perello <carles.perello@wanadoo.es> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I think I am just one step behind you, trying to run
> the hello world
> example in the ARM AEB board.
> As I try it, gdb doesnt connect to the board when I
> type target remote
> <dev>. I think I miss loading the gdb_stubs to the
> board, which is the
> file under the loaders directory, right?.
> which is the procedure then? 
> - Load loaders/arm-aeb file to the board (using
> minicom?)
> - running at pc 0x8000 or first loading into ROM?
> if the later is true I protected my EEPROM against
> writing following the
> board instructions..do you know how to enable
> writing?
> sorry for this hassle, just thought you may have
> this still fresh in mind
> :)
> cheers
> carles

sorry for the delay in reply.
As you can see by my other submissions to this
list, I'm still taking baby steps.
Hopefully, my limited learnings can help you.
1) The first step is to build the eCos tools
   I had to use i586 as the host machine option
   rather than i686 (I have a Pentium III)
   I'm not sure if this is relevant to you.
2) Then configure the kernel (using the tclsh script)
   for your host machine and the arm board.  Follow
3) Then download the stubs, as described in the eCos
   documentation.  The target rdi step worked for me
   only after I completely rebuilt my tools and kernel
   telling it that I had an i586 instead of an i686.
   (again, maybe that's not relevant to you)
   Then flashwrite the stubs as described in the doc.
4) If you get to this point you're ready to try the
   hello program.  I've only been able to, so far,
   run the hello program from the arm-elf-gdb debugger
   as described in the documentation.  The debugger
   takes care of loading the executable to the ARM
   board.  The use 'c' (continue) to run the program.

I'm still trying to learn how to build, load and
execute a program on the ARM in RAM (not ROM, yet)
WITHOUT the help of the debugger.
Let me know if I can be more specific for you.

good luck,

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