[ECOS] "Hello, world" on AEB without gdb

k e ndgipper@yahoo.com
Thu Jan 27 06:42:00 GMT 2000

Thanks for the replies.
I'd prefer to learn, first, how to compile, link, etc.
an AEB executable (without gdb info) for --> RAM <--.
So a couple of questions on how to build a simple
program for execution on the AEB without gdb and
loaded only into RAM:
- Will I still need to configure a kernel with the ROM
  option, or should I be able to use my RAM
  configuration that I've successfully used
  to build simple programs that DO run under gdb?
- Are there any special compiler options to "clean
  up" the code, or with the objcopy --strip-debug
  take care of all of the cleanup.
- Are there any special linker options that are
  required to ensure that the correct startup
  routines are loaded since gdb will not be helping
- Is there a need for the change-addresses function
  if I only want to execute from the default load
  point in RAM?

I've been able to build (using the RAM kernel) and
download what I thought was going to be an executable
that wouldn't need gdb to execute, but it didn't
work... I must still be missing something

If my description, above, isn't enough to go on,
I'll re-submit a note detailing the steps I've taken.

Thanks for you patience,
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