[ECOS] Questions on creating a makefile

Tim Michals tim@cygnetinc.com
Wed Jan 26 13:33:00 GMT 2000


I started to use the example makefile and adding from there.  I guess what I
was looking for was an integrated makefile that is from the package that you
are building from.  Also, outlining all of the library's.

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> > Tim Michals wrote:
> >
> > I'm confused on how create a new application. I created a application
> > directory and downloaded several of the test applications to test the
> > board and OS. Now I would like to create my own rom application. I
> > some confusion on how to use the existing makefiles to create my new
> > application.  Can anyone provided a sample makefile?
> First, to build a ROM image, you need to change the startup type of eCos.
> You can do this in the graphical Configuration tool by changing the
> type listed under the HAL in question. Or if you are using pkgconf.tcl,
> simply reinvoke it in the same build tree with "--startup rom".
> As for the sample makefile, you can start with the one in the examples/
> directory of the eCos installation, although it isn't perfect by any
> of the imagination.
> Is that the type of answer you are looking for?
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