[ECOS] "Hello, world" on AEB without gdb

k e ndgipper@yahoo.com
Tue Jan 25 19:40:00 GMT 2000

Another, hopefully, simple newbie question:

Can someone point me to an online document or explain
briefly the steps involved in building a simple single
thread routine for the AEB that does NOT require gdb
load and execute.  Am I correct in thinking that it
involves using objcopy?  I'd like to get the simple
"Hello, world" routine that is in the 'Getting Started
with eCos' document to work outside of the debugger.
Then watch it tell me 'hello'.
I assume it will involve some or more than the
following steps:
 - possibly, configure a kernel for non-gdb ARM AEB???
 - compile with some special options
 - link with some other options
 - maybe some sort of translation to ARM object code
 - then a translation to ASCII (UUENCODE)
 - then an interactive session with the AEB booter
   that would involve loading and then execution
Or, am I off in "left field"?

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