[ECOS] scanf with gdb stubs on ARM AEB

k e ndgipper@yahoo.com
Mon Jan 24 12:02:00 GMT 2000

Howdy all,
Apologies in advance for what is, hopefully, a stupid
question...I'm new to cross compilers and remote
debugging and embedded systems (new hobby).

I'm trying to (using gdb) get a simple dialogue going
with the AEB through gdb.  The stubs have loaded quite
well, and I get the "Hello, eCos World" to work just
My next step was to add a question and answer using
scanf to the simple little "hello" program.
essentially asking for a character string and the
printing it back out.

1) scanf seems to stop and wait for something, but
typing in the gdb session with a carriage return
doesn't seem to talk back to the AEB.  It's almost
like the program is expecting input from somewhere
else.  Any ideas?

Thanks for the help,
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