[ECOS] Platform HAL for SA1100 (Brutus)

Travis Furrer furrer@engineer.com
Tue Jan 18 18:59:00 GMT 2000

Chan Shih-Ping (Richard) <cshihpin@dso.org.sg> said:
> Is anyone working on platform HALs for
> 1. Brutus (StrongArm 1100)
> 2. Assabet, Neponset (StrongArm 1110)


I am making progress on a platform HAL for the Brutus (SA-1100).
A couple of other people have expressed interest in this also.
Cygnus was kind enough to grant me early access to the ebsa285
(SA-110) HAL so that I could use it as a starting point.  Once
I get things working I will give my code to them and wait for
them to release it publically (I imagine that will happen
sometime after they release the ebsa285 HAL).

Since the SA-1110 and the SA-1100 differ only in their Memory
and PCMCIA controller, it should be quite easy to update a
Brutus HAL to work on an SA-1110 platform.


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