[ECOS] ARM AEB: running example without gdb.

Sergey Yemets yemets@javad.ru
Tue Jan 18 07:01:00 GMT 2000

I build serial example (I mean ecos-1.2.1/examples/serial.c) and run it
under gdb.

Now I wish download it to AEB RAM and run. ECOS was configured with

I convert image this way:

$arm-elf-objcopy --strip-all serial serial.str
$arm-elf-objcopy -O binary serial.str
$uuencode serial.str serial.str | tr '`' ' ' > serial.UU

After that I download image in AEB RAM at 0xc000, and send 'go'

ARM Evaluation Board Boot Monitor 0.01 (19 APR 1998)
Press ENTER within 2 seconds to stop autoboot
Boot: download c000
Ready to download. Use 'transmit' option on terminal emulator to
download file.
Loaded file serial.str at address 0000c000, size = 38416



It looks like gdb internal messages or something else. Board waits a
char from terminal and responds such string.

I sink I should change some options in fine-grained configuration before
building image. But I didn't understand which one.

I read tag '[ECOS] Building rommable images for the AEB-1C' and it
didn't help me.

So what should I do to receive on my terminal connected to AEB something
like this?

(gdb) c
Starting serial example
Found /dev/haldiag. Writing string....
serial example is working correctly!
I think I wrote the string. Did you see it?
Serial example finished
Interrupted while waiting for the program.
Give up (and stop debugging it)? (y or n) n


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