[ECOS] Embedded PC SBC

Gary Thomas gthomas@cygnus.co.uk
Mon Jan 10 16:03:00 GMT 2000

It looks like Patrick's files were [somewhat] based on newer files.

Try removing these lines from "packages/packages":

  package CYGPKG_HAL_ARM_CL7211 {
          alias           { "Cirrus Logic CL7211 evaluation board support" hal_arm_cl7211 arm_cl7211_hal }
          directory       hal/arm/cl7211
          include_dir     cyg/hal

Let me know if you continue to have problems.

On 10-Jan-00 j.d.charlton@ieee.org wrote:
> Patrick and ecos-discuss,
> I am forging ahead with the ecos i386-pc build.  I think I set
> everything up the way Patrick's html files described it starting from
> the ecos-1.2.1.tar distribution tree.  I am building using RedHat
> 6.0. I first untarred only the latest file: hal-i386-pc-19991028.tgz
> I got the error below.  I decided to go back and untar the initial
> release (hal-i386-pc-0.1.tar) followed by the second release 
> (hal-i386-pc-19991022.tgz) and then the final version
> (hal-i386-pc-19991028.tgz) just in case it was meant to be done that
> way, but I still get the same error when building the gdb stub:
> [charlton@marble ecos-i386-stub]$ tclsh ~/cygnus/ecos-1.2.1/packages/pkgconf.tcl \
>> --target i386 \
>> --platform pc \
>> --startup floppy \
>> --disable-kernel \
>> --disable-uitron \
>> --disable-libc \
>> --disable-libm \
>> --disable-io \
>> --disable-io_serial \
>> --disable-wallclock \
>> --disable-watchdog
> pkgconf fatal error: The file /home/charlton/cygnus/ecos-1.2.1/packages/packages \
> lists a package CYGPKG_HAL_ARM_CL7211 which should be present in \
> /home/charlton/cygnus/ecos-1.2.1/packages/hal/arm/cl7211. This package is missing.
> [charlton@marble ecos-i386-stub]$ 
> Any help is appreciated.
> --John
> On  7 Jan, Patrick O'Grady wrote:
>> Hi, J.D.:
>> I posted an i386/PC HAL package;
>> http://sourceware.cygnus.com/ecos/contrib.html has a pointer to it.  The
>> last time I updated it was the end of October, so don't be suprised if the
>> eCos source code has changed quite a bit--installation might not be as
>> straightforward as before.  I'm actually planning on updating to the
>> current CVS version next week.  Look out for a bug somewhere in the mutex
>> handling code: I'm sure it's related to the interrupt handler code.  Stay
>> tuned for that fix.  But in the meantime, that package allows you to
>> construct a GDB stub on a floppy disk, so you just boot from that and then
>> connect to the debugger from COM1.  If you have any significant problems,
>> just e-mail questions to this list, that way everyone benefits from the
>> discussion.  Cheers!
>> -patrick
>> patrick@softprocess.com

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