[ECOS] Embedded PC SBC

j.d.charlton@ieee.org j.d.charlton@ieee.org
Thu Jan 6 13:05:00 GMT 2000

I am using the eCos synthetic Linux build for testing and initial
development.  I looked at all of the current ports and do not believe
any of them fit my requirements. The main requirement is that it use a
standard bus such as PC-104 for adding commercial ADC/DAC and other I/O
modules. Cost is a factor.

I am leaning toward using one of the commerical embedded 386/486/586
embedded PC SBC's with ROM/FLASH/RAM options.  I am also open to MC68k
or PowerPC SBCs.  Has anyone already done a port for an embedded PC
or another platform that would meet this requirement? I prefer using
eCos to embedding linux to reduce the operating system overhead and
also to have real-time performance.

Any constructive suggestions are welcome.

(919) 382-0677

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