[ECOS] Linux Synthetic target device support!

Mohammed Illyas Mansoor mansoor@cdotb.ernet.in
Mon Jan 3 02:30:00 GMT 2000

Jesper Skov wrote:

> >>>>> "Mohammed" == Mohammed Illyas Mansoor <mansoor@admin.cdotb.ernet.in> writes:
> Mohammed>         I would like to contribute this to eCos, within a
> Mohammed> few days after proper testing, I was able to run the serial
> Mohammed> tests supplied in eCos.  Serial1, serial2, tty1, tty2 tests
> Mohammed> have passed but serial3-5 say host side harness not
> Mohammed> detected.
> See the io/serial/current/tests/README for a bit of information on the
> ser_filter program (host side harness).
> The ser_filter sources should also be available, but I'm not sure
> where - and I can't access sourceware at the moment. Search for a file
> called ser_filter.cpp.
> Jesper

    Ok I found ser_filter.cpp it was in <base>/tools/src/eCosTest dir made
ser_filter and tested serial3-5.

    serial3 is passing only if BINARY data is within 120 range ser_filter is timing
out if data is more than 120.
[f] 0000 40 42 49 4e 41 52 59 3a '@BINARY:'
[f] 0008 31 32 38 3a 31 21 .. .. '128:1!'
[f] Dispatching command BINARY.
[f] **** Timed out while reading -- resuming as null filter
[f] Data received 127 bytes (of 1) from target:

    serial5 is passing without any problems.

    serial4 test was going in a loop trying to set_config the serial device, I tried
to figure out in serial4.c there it was checking for  R , S or D char's from
but ser_filter was actually sending OK for change_config command.

--With Regards,

M. I. Mansoor

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