[ECOS] No connection to remote i386 target

Johan Almquist joal@vtd.volvo.se
Mon Dec 11 09:29:00 GMT 2000

I cannot get a connection between gdb and an i386 target.

I have built the latest version of gdb stubs for i386, which produced the 
gdb_module.bin file.  I try to copy the image file to the floppy according 
to the documentation using cygwin (Win NT).  The dd command fails claiming 
'Permission denied'. Why?? When I tried the 'rawrite.exe' program it fails 
and sais 'Attempt to DMA across 64K boundary'.  I have found another 
program (fdimage.exe) that seems to manage to write the image file to the 

When I reboot the target pc with the floppy it prints out about 36 dots. 
This seems valid according to the source, but should it print anything else 
than that?.  I start i386-elf-gdb to download hello.exe or any other test 
application.  It fails to establish a connection due to "Malformed response 
to offset query, timeout".

I suspect that the image file is not correctly copied to the floppy. 
 Anyone that has any suggestions on this?

/Johan Almquist

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