[ECOS] Out of MBUF panic

Colin Ford colin.ford@pipinghotnetworks.com
Mon Dec 11 09:11:00 GMT 2000

Hi Grant,

I'm using the GoAhead web server on a MIPS R3000 with the
latest CVS version of eCos and net. I had a problem with memory
getting corrupted because of a select in the function socketSelect in
the file sockGen.c

Basically the memory for the file descriptors was way to small so I made

sure it was the size of the fd_set (32). Now it works a treat.


Grant Edwards wrote:

> I'm testing an eCos system using the GoAhead web server, and
> after fetching 5 or 6 modes pages, I always get an "out of
> mbuf" panic.  This is with eCos 1.3.1 and net 1.0b1 (with some
> patches to fix mbuf corruption race conditions), with default
> settings for everything.
> Any idea what causes this?
> I've spend the past day or wo trying to build using current
> CVS snapshot, but my drivers aren't compatible with the CVS
> sources.  Before I rework my drivers, is the CVS snapshot
> likely to fix my problem?
> --
> Grant Edwards
> grante@visi.com

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