[ECOS] How do I get __ARMEB__ defined ?

Edward, Yan-Chi, Lin yanchi@oak.com.tw
Sun Dec 10 19:23:00 GMT 2000


I have a bigendian ARM cpu now, but I don't know how do I get __ARMEB__ defined ?
Also could someone explain what does the macro in hal_io.h for big endian means ?
Why ^3 ?

Thanks a lot
Edward Lin
#else // Big-endian version

#define HAL_READ_UINT8( _register_, _value_ ) \
        ((_value_) = *((volatile CYG_BYTE *)((CYG_ADDRWORD)(_register_)^3)))

#define HAL_WRITE_UINT8( _register_, _value_ ) \
        (*((volatile CYG_BYTE *)((CYG_ADDRWORD)(_register_)^3)) = (_value_))


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