[ECOS] Re:how to use redboot to boot pc

niky b4506051@csie.ntu.edu.tw
Sat Dec 9 06:25:00 GMT 2000


<Fabrice Gautier>Is your serial link correctly set-up ?

I think it is ok. I can download test files under gdb stubs via it.

<Jfil>Niky, on the meantime you can do this yourself with objcopy -O binary
<Jfil>redboot.elf redboot.bin

I try it, and I use file to check the bin.
file shows it is data, and does not say it is bootable.
I write the bin to a floppy by dd, and then use the floppy
to boot my target pc, but it does not show anything, and the led of 
the floppy disk is light.


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