[ECOS] EPPC-Bug vs. gdbstubs on MBX860

Doug Fraser dfraser@photuris.com
Thu Dec 7 11:30:00 GMT 2000

Using the jumpers you can choose to modify either
the 8 bit (socketed) part or the soldered 32 bit FLASH.
Regardless, the images are the same, so when you want to
turn it back, you just jumper it to boot EPPC-bug from
the one you didn't change, then PFLASH from the boot
to the one you modified.

On my board, there are 0x80000 bytes of EPPCbug image
located in 8bit and 32bit memory. Regardless which is
booted (selected by J4), they are mapped at
0xfe000000 and 0xfc000000. The selected block
is always at 0xfe000000, the alternate at 0xfc000000

Thus, you can always recover the altered region
by doing

pflash fe000000 fe07ffff fc000000

from the eppc bug prompt.

I suggest you leave the 8 bit part unmodified and
use the 32 bit flash to test your code. I suggest
this because the 8 bit part can be wrte protected by
setting J3 so that pins 1 & 2 are connected.
That way, you don't trash the EPPC bug image by mistake.

Good luck....


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> Hi!
> Do I *need* to reprogram the boot flash on my MBX860 board?  It isn't
> mine, and I don't want to make any permanent mods to it if I can help
> it.
> If I do reprogram the flash, how do I put EPPC-Bug back?
> Thanks!
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