[ECOS] sa1100 brutus gdb stub

Jonathan Larmour jlarmour@cygnus.co.uk
Thu Dec 7 11:27:00 GMT 2000

Jun Wu wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm new to eCos.
> I build strongARM SA1100 brutus board gdb stubs, and two files,
> gdb_module.bin and gdb_module.img, are generated.
> Anybody tell me the relationship between them? and the format of the two
> files(offset of program entry in the file)?

The first is a binary format file suitable for programming into a ROM or
FLASH. The latter is an ELF format file which is what was produced by the
compiler, and may be used to convert into other formats (including binary,
but also srec etc.) as required.

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