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If your firewall don't require a proxy username and passwd,you can download
a wincvs which can support proxy .

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>>hi all,
>>  can someone suggest any other way to download latest ecos repository.
>>I am not able to connect to anoncvs@sources.redhat.com. My network is
>>a firewall because of organisatinal security..
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>>Subject: Re: [ECOS] i386 PCI Lib status
>>Stephen Polkowski wrote:
>>>         I'm trying to use the PCI library on the i386.  Is it ready
>>> yet?
>>> I built a tree using  "ecosconfig new pc default" and
>>> "ecosconfig add CYGPKG_IO_PCI".  When compiled the tree the
>>> pci lib was not enabled.  I'm using a snapshot from Nov 10th.
>>[ I think someone has replied, but just in case no-one has.... ]
>>It still hasn't been integrated yet for various tedious legal reasons (and
>>then it will have to be integrated, which may be a little tricky since
>>apparently his patches break the linux synthetic target, which will
>>therefore need to be fixed). No-one has forgotten.
>>For what it's worth, Fabrice posted his patches on September 27th so you
>>can pick them up from http://sources.redhat.com/ml/ecos-discuss hopefully.
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