[ECOS] FW: GDB Stub and Redboot

Anthony Massa amassa@logici.com
Wed Dec 6 09:42:00 GMT 2000

Additional questions inline...

> > I want to be able to have GDB access to my MBX board to use 
> the debugger.  I
> > would like to connect to the
> > board using the Ethernet port so I can have the serial port 
> available for my
> > own I/O.  Do I build the GDB stub
> > and add the redboot package or is it an either or type of thing?
> It's sort of an either or thing. Redboot includes a GDB stub.
> > If it is a choice of either redboot or GDB, what packages 
> do I need to add
> > for networking support under GDB?
> > 
> > What additional packages do I need to add for networking 
> support in redboot?
> You should be able to get what you want either by just installing the
> prebuilt images, or:
> ecosconfig new mbx redboot
> ecosconfig import
> PATHTOREPOSITORY/hal/powerpc/mbx/current/misc/redboot_ROM.cfg
> ecosconfig tree
> make

I haven't used ecosconfig before.  I use the Windows config tool.  So, for
this would I just select the redboot template?

Are there any other options or packages that I need to add?

Will networking support be added to communicate with redboot via Ethernet?


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