[ECOS] ConfigTool V.1.3.1 and under Win98

Lewin A.R.W. Edwards larwe@larwe.com
Wed Dec 6 08:21:00 GMT 2000

Hi Siegfried,

I am running a "vanilla" edition of the Cygwin ARM tools under Win98SE.

>i have installed the new configtool 1.3.1 on my Win98 and got after building
>the arm-pid library an "virtual memory exhausted" error after the first
>running off arm-elf-gcc. Any idea ?

I'm not sure what arm-pid is, but I have not seen this error even after 
running arm-elf-gcc numerous times. (In fact it is running in the 
background behind this mail session right now).

Obvious question: have you checked available disk space? How much physical 
memory is in the machine? I believe (long time since I was inside this 
code) that the VM implementation in Win9x will not expand the pagefile 
indefinitely, it will only expand it up to some specific multiple of 
installed physical memory.

>After that I have downloaded the latest configtool and execconfig
>, but configtool hangs after typing "build->library". It also hangs
>after trying to open a bash-shell.

I use the graphical configuration tool. It is not 100% stable but I do not 
have this problem. If you have trouble even opening bash, I would suspect a 
cygwin problem. I am using Cygwin 1.1.4.

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