[ECOS] Re: I cant use gdb stubs to load hello

Christian Plessl cplessl@ee.ethz.ch
Wed Dec 6 03:52:00 GMT 2000

>    After I make tests, I got three test files: cache, context, intr.
>     I try all of them.

This is somewhat strange. You should have a lot of tests in under the 
install/tests directory.

Other question: How did you build ecos with stubs for your target pc, it 
should be build using something like:

ecosconfig new pc stubs
ecosconfig check
ecosconfig tree


After this, you should have a bootsector image of ecos in your install/lib 
directory, wich has to be written to a bootdisk.

Is that the way, you have built your bootdisk?

>     When I download cache to the target pc, the pc reboot.
>     I download context/intr to the target pc, it cant finish, and I see
>     $OK#9a repeat from the serial port.

Hmm. I dont have an idea at the moment, what the cause of this might be.


Christian Plessl <cplessl@ee.ethz.ch>

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