[ECOS] gdb/insight questions

Jesper Skov jskov@redhat.com
Wed Dec 6 01:42:00 GMT 2000

>>>>> "Natarajan," == Natarajan, Mekala (CTS) <NMekala@CHN.CTS-CORP.COM> writes:

Natarajan,> hi, i am using i386pc target. For me printf() is working
Natarajan,> fine and it is displaying output in GDB console..

Curiously, the behavior is different on different platforms/versions
of GDB.

jifl> Jesper then said "Problem is that GDB hides any output
jifl> that is not in O-packet format. HAL diag will normally
jifl> wrap ASCII output in O-packets, but raw serial output does
jifl> not (for obvious reasons)."

jifl> but isn't the problem above that printf() isn't working by
jifl> default? Or has Lewin changed the configuration from the
jifl> default to use haldiag, to serial drivers; or changed
jifl> haldiag to output packets that aren't O-packetized.

jifl> My point is that *by default* printf() should work and
jifl> display output on GDB.
Hm, you are right. Lewin, you can make sure by enabling remotedebug in
GDB - that will show you if the incoming data is in raw or O-packet

I'm not sure why it shouldn't be in O-packet format, unless you are
writing to a raw device (fprintf? - do we actually have that?)


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