[ECOS] I cant use gdb stubs to load hello

niky b4506051@csie.ntu.edu.tw
Wed Dec 6 01:29:00 GMT 2000


    I make stubs for pc

    ecosconfig new pc stubs
    ecosconfig tree

    I can execute the version 1.3 prebuild text thread_gdb.exe

    i386-elf-gdb -nw thread_gdb.exe
    (gdb)set remotebaud 38400
    (gdb)target remote /dev/ttyS0

    I see

    PASS:<GDB Thread test OK>

    but I try to execute hello (I make from the version 1.3 example,

    i386-elf-gdb -nw hello
    (gdb)set remotebaud 38400
    (gdb)target remote /dev/ttyS0

    then the pc reboot and does not complete the load.
    What is wrong?

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